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Volunteering at school

Helping out at school is a great way to get involved in your child’s education as well as get to know the staff and other parents and carers.

Research shows that children benefit when their parents or carers are actively involved in their education and school life.

You can help by:

  • listening to children read in the classroom
  • volunteering on sports days
  • helping supervise excursions
  • getting involved in fundraising activities
  • joining school committees.

Visitor guidelines

We extend a warm welcome to all those who visit our school, whether you're parents, guardians, community members, or volunteers. We greatly appreciate your interest in being part of our learning community. As we strive to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for our students, we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to our dress code guidelines.

Respecting our School's Atmosphere:

Our school takes great pride in fostering a positive and respectful atmosphere that supports the growth and well-being of our students. The clothing choices we make significantly contribute to this atmosphere. To ensure a comfortable and appropriate environment for all, we kindly ask that visitors adhere to the following guidelines:

Substance-Related Advertising: Please refrain from wearing clothing that advertises substances such as alcohol or cigarettes. These items can send conflicting messages to our students, especially as they are in the process of developing their understanding of healthy lifestyle choices.

Inappropriate Imagery or Language: We request that visitors avoid wearing clothing with words, images, or symbols that carry sexual innuendos or promote inappropriate topics. We are committed to providing a learning environment where children can focus on their studies and interact with a sense of security and respect.

Setting a Positive Example:

Visitors are important role models for our students, and your behaviour and attire serve as examples for them to follow. By adhering to our dress code guidelines, you play a part in demonstrating the values of respect, responsibility, and consideration that we aim to instil in our students.

Partnering for a Positive Experience:

We believe that by working together, we can provide the best possible experience for our students and visitors alike. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us create an environment that reflects our commitment to the well-being of all members of our school community.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to maintain a respectful and inclusive school environment. Your partnership is invaluable in our mission to provide a safe and enriching educational experience for every student.

Please click on the attached safety briefing to view our volunteer and visitor requirements.

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